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District 105 Announcements
December School Board Meeting - December 12, 2016
The December School Board meeting originally scheduled for December 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm has been moved to December 12, 2016 at 7:30 pm.  
Internet Safety Presentation- Detective Rich Wistocki Thursday December 15th 7:30 p.m. Gurrie Middle School Gymnasium
Please join us on Thursday December 15th at 7:30 p.m. in the Gurrie Middle School Gymnasium as we feature Detective Rich Wistocki from the Naperville Police Department. He will talk to us about keeping our children safe,cyberbullying,internet safety and phone apps. See English Flyer HERE

Presentacion el Jueves 15 de Diciembre a las 7:30 p.m. en la escuela Gurrie.  El Detective Rich Wistocki de la policia de Naperville nos va a hablar sobre el acoso cibertnetico, depredadores de Internet y aplicaciones en los telefonos.   
Vea la informacion en espanol aqui  HERE 
Support D105 Foundation with your Amazon purchases
Support the D105 Foundation when you shop this holiday season.  #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon donates to District 105 Foundation.
Did You Know?
Last spring, parents, staff, and students once again gave the district top ratings on the District 105 Satisfaction Survey.  The full survey report can be found on our district website.  
  • 96% of students report that they like going to school and that their school is a good place to learn.
  • 98% of students feel safe in school.
  • 90% of students report that they work with their teachers to set individualized learning goals and that they develop plans to accomplish these goals.
  • 98% of students respond that their teachers expect them to do their best work.
  • 98% of parents report that they are welcomed in their school and that their assistance is sought by the schools.
  • 95% of parents respond that their child receives the appropriate instructional challenge.
  • 95% of teachers report that they understand and support district goals and priorities.
  • 100% of teachers and support staff report that quality work is required of them.
IMSA Fusion Continues
We are excited to announce that, once again, we are partnering with the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) to offer IMSA FUSION, an afterschool enrichment program for Illinois students who are talented, interested and motivated in mathematics and science! Due to the success of our partnership with IMSA and Western Spring D101 last year, we are able to host two D105 teams on site for this school year. This fall our 4th -5th grade program is Dive In – Oceanographic EngineeringThe 6th- 8th grade program is Medieval STEM.    Our Spring 2017 program for 4th & 5th grade will be You Be the Judge, applications will begin in January.  The 6th - 8th grade program will be Take Flight: Investigating the Aviation Industry with the application for that program in December.
BrightBytes Parent Survey
Dear Parents

District 105 is working with BrightBytes to gather information on how our teachers, parents and students use technology. Please complete a five minute survey.  The survey can be done on your smart phone or any device with Internet.

Click on the school below that corresponds with your child’s school. If you have multiple students at the SAME school, please complete only one survey for that school. If you have students at multiple different schools (e.g. Gurrie and Hodgkins, then please complete one survey at each school (e.g. Gurrie and Hodgkins).

Thank you for your valuable input!

2016-17 School Board Presentations
Please click on the links below to view the presentations that have been presented to the School Board for the 2016-17 school year.

FY17 District 105 Goals and Annual Targets

FY16 District SurveyPresentation

Program Update - Advanced Academics and Full Day Kindergarten to First Grade Transition

2016 PARCC Results Update
Vision & Hearing Screenings
2016-2017 Vision and Hearing Screening
During the months of September through January, the SD 105 nurses will be conducting the annual vision and hearing screenings. These screenings are State mandated with the goal of finding children who may need a more comprehensive doctor’s eye and/or ear examination. They are not meant to diagnose eye or ear problems, and screeners cannot tell you if students will need glasses. Vision screening is not a substitute for a complete eye and vision evaluation by an eye doctor.

As in previous years, screening will be done for the following students:
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • First grade
  • Second grade
  • Third grade
  • Eighth grade
  • New students to D105
  • All students receiving special education services
  • Any parent/teacher requests (please notify nurse prior to screening date)
Please check the District Activity Calendar for screening dates at each school. The screening process works in several steps. First, students have an initial screening. If the student passes, their screening is complete. If the student fails, a second screening (or rescreening) takes place about two weeks from the date of the first. This is done in accordance with Illinois Department of Public Health screening regulations and in order to account for students who may not have understood instructions, had temporary eye or ear concerns, and to prevent unnecessary referrals for doctor visits. You will be notified only if your student fails the vision and/or hearing rescreenings. This will be done through a letter home that will recommend that a doctor check the student’s vision and/or hearing. A form for the doctor to fill out will also be included. This form should be turned in to the school nurses’ office after it is completed. Students who have glasses are not screened for vision, but will be referred if they have not seen an eye doctor within the past 2 years or if their glasses are broken, scratched, or not fitting well. Please remember to have your child wear his or her glasses/contacts on their scheduled day. Your child is not required to undergo vision screening if an optometrist or ophthalmologist (vision) or physician/ear, nose, and throat specialist (hearing) has completed and signed a report form indicating that an examination has been administered within the previous 12 months and this is turned into school.

Please contact the school nurse’s office if you have any questions.

Thank you!
SD 105 Nurses
Language Diversity
District 105 is a diverse community of families with 22 different languages spoken by our students: Albanian (3), Arabic (4), Bosnian (1), Chinese (1), Croatian (3), Czech (1), Danish (2), English (862), Greek (1), Gujarati (3), Italian (1), Lithuanian (2), Macedonian (8), Pilipino/Tagalog (1), Polish (7), Portuguese (2),   Russian (1), Serbian (43), Spanish (417), Turkish (1), Ukrainian (3), and Vietnamese (4).

The official language used for the content of the District website is English. To help address our diversity, readers of our website can use the "Google Translate" tool below to translate the website content to many of the above languages. The tool generates a computerized translation. The translation should not be considered exact and in some cases may include incorrect language. While not a perfect translation, it should assist many non-English website readers.

Click HERE to enable and use the Google Translate tools to translate web pages and email messages.
Comcast Internet Access for Your Student at $9.95 per Month

If your child receives a free or reduced lunch at school, you may qualify for a reduced price on basic internet access from Comcast at the low rate of $9.95 per month including free installation, free internet training and an optional low cost computer at $149.99 plus tax.

For more information on Comcast's offer, click HERE or call 1-855-846-8376.

See below for a Comcast video on the importance of internet access for your student.

Acceso al Internet por medio de Comcast por solo $ 9.95 al mes

Si su hijo recibe almuerzo gratis o precio reducido en la escuela, usted puede calificar para un precio reducido en el acceso básico de Internet de Comcast, por solo $ 9.95 por mes, incluyendo instalación gratis, entrenamiento del internet gratis y una computadora opcional  por solo $ 149.99 más impuestos.

Para obtener más información en español sobre la oferta de Comcast haga clic AQUÍ o llame al 1-855-765-6995.

Vea abajo para un video de Comcast sobre la importancia del acceso a Internet para sus estudiantes.